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Saving the world one air filter at a time!

This post was written by admin on September 2, 2010

It is the small things in life, that left unattended, cause the largest problems. You never notice that your Heating and Air Conditioning system, which happens to be the most expensive appliance in your home, is working hard every day to maintain a comfortable indoor environment; that is until the system breaks.

Were you aware that the number one reason that Heating and Air Conditioning Systems break down is due to not changing the air filter?

Changing the air filter in your Heating and Air Conditioning system is akin to changing the oil filter in your car. It is a mandatory maintenance procedure that often goes unchecked resulting in an unexpected repair bill.

Here is where Filter Fairy can make your life easier. Filter Fairy will send you a friendly email or tweet reminding you that it is time to change your air filter. All you need to do is let Filter Fairy know that you exist.

Upon signing up for Filter Fairy to remind you that your air filter needs to be changed, you will begin to help Filter Fairy on her quest to banish filthy air from the households of the world. If you like, she will even deliver the filter to your doorstep at a cost that is out of this world. Join the Filter Fairy team.