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Shaking hands and making friends

This post was written by admin on April 8, 2009
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Here we are in a day and age that Facebook can reach into 200 million people’s lives therefore adding validity to the fact that the taboo of communication online is breaking free from its infancy and entering adolescence. What does that mean to people? Basically it means that now that the medium is being embraced by your mothers and fathers and even some savvy business’. OK, but why I am reading this on the Pinasco Pipeline and not on a far more techie site such as Mashable or Lifehacker?

Let me explain why I am placing this on the Pipeline. This form of communication is essential to making business better as we are able to catch our customers (you) at their convenience and indulge on a personal level to better understand your wants and needs. The stigma of “only the weird people” are communicating online has finally passed. This medium is just like going out there and making relationships in “real life”. There must be an exchange. Consider this post to my olive branch to the community.

A friend of mine (@garyvee) gave me an interesting outlet on the web. Think of the web as a large convention hall full of people that are all talking at once. You are left to filter out the noise and focus on the content that is relevant to your interests. Slowly but surely you will build a corner of the hall that is essentially comprised of the people and business’ that provide the sort of content that your heart desires by listening and interacting with people. We are over in the corner talking about home plumbing, heating and air conditioning technology and hacks. The reason that you are reading this is because you in some way are interested in what goes on in the mind of the home service professional. So you have come over to shake our hand and listen to our spiel. This is where the exchange comes in.

We at Pinasco Mechanical Contractor want to know what is on our customer’s minds, so light that comment board up. We will still offer you blazing hot content regarding the tips and tricks to decoding your plumbing, heating and air conditioning questions. We just want to make sure our audience knows that this is a two way street, you can ask questions and actually are encouraged to.

Let’s get out there and shake some hands. We are all in this game together.