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The Twittering Toilet? ……………Seriously?

This post was written by admin on June 9, 2009
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We have an opportunity to communicate with people at blazing speeds through the advancements of social media. Just in the past six years we have all been witness to the mass migration from dial up internet to broadband access. In this latency pilgrimage we have all built out our own online persona through the various social media outlets. These networks we are creating are becoming more and more refined and searchable. So much that our thirst for the answer is becoming faster and less accurate.

Our perception of time has become warped. We no longer have patience for that few extra seconds that it takes for the page to load, or the account to post, or the attachment to attach. We are fast becoming an overcommunicated society. I might have made up that last word. Maybe overcommunicated is a stretch, but we must have industry leaders take the helm and help to steer the ship of knowledge to avert the icebergs of misinformation.
So you are asking yourself, what on God’s green earth is this plumbing and heating company blog writing about the speed and accuracy of communication? That is a good question. Here is another question to answer your question. How does our service industry begin to embrace social media technology with accuracy? I mean we could litter your Twitter feed with inane quotes, facts and quips regarding plumbing, but that doesn’t really hold any value. More so, it would be annoying. By the way, do you follow us on Twitter? If not, why? I promise we will not litter your Twitter.

It is this desire for amicable personal customer interaction that we decided to foray into the Facebook realm and attempt to create a community around our plumbing and HVAC service company. What sort of media would the consumer like to be able to either access, or interact with through this new social media wave? The exchange that we will share is going to be the x-factor in this new business world. We would appreciate some input from those of you that have chosen to ride our crazy train of knowledge. What do you want to hear about? What do you want more information on? Would you be into a question/answer application? When does the service company come too far into your home or life?

Leave your comments either here on the site or hop over to Facebook and post for the community to see. Don’t be afraid to start the discussion.

On a more technical note, we have some pretty cool and useless technology that is going to be coming down the pipe soon. The cool is a Facebook app that I dare not say the details because they are too foggy in mind, which means that I have no idea what I want to do, but I want to make a Facebook application. The useless is the Twittering toilet, which is currently in R&D and fast moving from paper to the production floor. This will be a cool experiment to show the effect that a toilet flush has on our water supply and possibly help make an argument for the implementation of waterless urinals as a standard in stadium and arena construction. A boy can dream.

Technology is fascinating. The trick is harnessing the power without flushing the value down the toilet.

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